Invite friends
and earn cash

As a customer of Oakam, earning rewards is quick and easy with our new Refer-A-Friend scheme. Share your Oakam experience today!

Lift Loan

How it works

Earning rewards is quick and easy.


Earn £1 for each invite you send*


Earn £3 for each friend that applies for a loan


Earn £10 more when they get approved for a loan with us

Your details

Just a few details to ensure the reward goes to the right person - you!

Invite your friends!

A name, and an email or a number is all that’s needed for each friend. In the next few days we’ll invite them to Oakam

Friend 1

Friend 2

Friend 3

Invite more friends

By sending invites you agree that;

  • You have consent to pass on your friends’ details
  • Each friend is over the age of 18
  • You agree to our terms and conditions
*An invite is considered a unique SMS / Email successfully delivered to the recipient using valid contact details